My goal as your realtor is to help you find that dream home that you’ll never want to leave.  A place that draws you in and keeps you close...beckons family home for long summer afternoons just hangin’ out… with rarely a thought about the worries of the world ...just the salt air, surf, and temperate weather that's always the norm in Malibu.  
Looking for that perfect seaside coastal property shouldn’t be stressful either…ask any of my clients how much fun we have driving around Malibu, the Palisades or Santa Monica going to Open Houses and showings... having lunch, laughing and exchanging ideas.  I'm certain that all will agree that it’s a lot less stressful if you’re enjoying yourself on your Malibu adventure!  You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how comparably affordable Malibu living can be!

Longtime Malibu resident Lenny Goldsmith comes to Pritchett Rapf from a music career that started in the 60's. Former lead singer with S.F. Bay area band, "Tower of Power", Lenny brings that kind of infectious energy, dedication, and enthusiasm to his real estate endeavors. His friendly, open demeanor around town has made him a familiar character in Malibu. His work with Malibu Little League and Pony baseball goes back to the mid 90's...and he's been counted on to help raise awareness and/or funds for the many local organizations here in Malibu thru his music.

My children have grown up in Malibu.  I coached Little League Baseball for almost 8 years straight…which was fantastic!  I didn’t foresee it then, but now I’m on a first name basis with an unbelievable amount of young people here in town…I’ve known them since they were little kids!!   My musical career of over 25 years enabled me to give back to the community by providing music for a lot of the charity events (both school and otherwise), fundraisers, and general entertainment value over the last decade plus, and my two sons Taylor and Griffin are musicians of noted accomplishment….both are involved in the music scene here in Malibu and are currently touring the country promoting their latest album. 
But my main goal is to bring a higher quality of life to others and my family…and let’s face it, if you love where you live, you’re definitely on the right track!  People seem to always have a smile on their face when life is good…and if you're living in Malibu…Life Is Good!!


Many of you know me as a musician, or as a Little League coach. Or possibly as a fundraiser for Malibu High School and local charities. I've been with Pritchett-Rapf & Associates as an "Agent of Change" since my first day in the business.  It's like family here and quite different than any other real estate company you'll ever encounter...I promise!   Your search for that SoCal seaside property (either a 2nd home or primary residence) should be an exciting and joyful experience to be enjoyed as you get to know the Malibu coast area!

My philosophy is this: people are the most important part of any real estate transaction. I'm committed to changing the dynamic between agent and client...I want you to be not just satisfied, but elated!  For buyers or sellers, a deal isn't a good deal unless it works for everyone and I guarantee I'll work overtime until you're happy with the results.

 So, when you're ready to make a change, make a move, or simply invest in Malibu real estate, pick up the phone and call me at (310) 924-9381, or email me at llgoldsmith@msn.com.

I look forward to working with you.

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